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We're back baby!!

2009-12-14 17:52:44 by Gflashrunners

Okay so we've been taking a year long brake to work on our skills and hopefully we will be able to impress you with our newer more impressive animations

We've also taken on some new staff this year please welcome Nick

From Nick - "Hey I'm nick... I don't really know what to say. HI!!! oh and BTPIE!!"

So yeah hope you guys get to see some of our kwl new skills. I also hope that audio submissions start working for me too, because otherwise I'm gonna' get pissed off :@

Can you hear the music

2009-05-08 06:49:42 by Gflashrunners

Hey guys I just submitted an audio file to the portal. MY FIRST TOO :D
Oh and I suppose it is time for an update on the umbrella archives:-

The name has changed to Albert Wesker's Desktop, Mainly because there was too much infromation for us to put all of that in one massive file. So instead it turned into an interactive game desktop. I know that there are hundreds of these all over the internet but I have never seen a resident evil themes one. Any ideas on what to put into it are appreciated. Hope that you guys enjoy it when I finally release it.

Resident Evil Archives

2009-03-25 08:21:50 by Gflashrunners

Since apparently no one sees this page ( i am guessing because no one bothered to leave a message) I have decided to create the database and run a demo of it here. I realize that there is a no demo rule on the portal, but I cannot post the entire thing as it is massive, it will be running from here and is MASSIVE, e-mail me if you want me to add a character story point or zombie that I have missed out. Oh and If I get a complaint about it being a demo then I will just reference you here.

p.s if you were linked here from a complaint post then HI! :D


2009-01-28 07:26:44 by Gflashrunners

Okay so a slight hitch in my plans to upload the umbrella corp, database. it is around 8% (or less) completed and allready it is a massive 2MB big, So if anyone is reading these can you please help out a rookie, as far as I no the maximum file size is 10MB so i am having to come up with a way of making a massive file around, 10MB, please help ME!!!!!!

I am glad to be back after that nice long christmas break.
You may have noticed that our christmas animation never happened... that would be because Rob and Ash were never around at the same time to record the scenes that required both of them.
So with a new year a new start and the next animation I am working on is something a little different.
I won't give away to much but as you can tell (from the title of this post and the image) it is going to be based around resident evil.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corp

A gamers christmas

2008-11-05 02:12:25 by Gflashrunners

Okay so after the relative success of project brainss (apart from some issues with lip synqing going wrong) I decided to go with a properly planned christmas animation, but to do that I need a story.
Some people will have heard about the nintendo DSi coming out in Japan this christmas, so the story revolves around going to Japan to find out why it has been created. There is obviosly going to be more to it than that, but I leave the rest of the story line until i've started animating.

Also I am hoping to submit some audio that my freinds and I am working on at college. More updates later on :D

Brainss Extended

2008-10-16 21:14:03 by Gflashrunners

Well I did it. I released project brains. It was origonally just an animated short just incase the crew I joined had a halloween collab, but it grew with menus funny things (and downright scary ones) and so now it is entered into the halloween 08 compotition. I don't expect to win, but you never know. (In all seriousness its supposed to be a laugh enjoy it) and if it doesn't get blammed I'll be happy. I think that I will next work on either a really decent christmas submission or try and finish that driving game that I demoed.
Speak to you guys soon :D

p.s to tom, after reviewing the rules for submissions I realize that it's not allowed to submit demos, my bad.

Project: BRAINSSS!!!!

2008-10-14 11:44:45 by Gflashrunners

We've nearly completed a zombie short, and I'll be happy to actually release something this time. I swear the amount of things that have gone wrong with my computer is unbelievable. Oh and also if you were at all interested in GAMEWIZE. The show for gamers then you'll have to go to our youtube channel because we canceled our flash version when we realised that we couldn't do what we wanted to do with it.

Introducing ASHLEY!!!

2008-06-23 20:48:31 by Gflashrunners

With the creation and polishing of sonic and the three rings (ballad of chasey lane) finished I was sure that I would be uploading it today but I was disstracted by the introduction of a new member to the team, Ash. He has givin in some pretty rad Ideas not to mention an entire series of vids which will be uploaded on several places in the next few weeks. I hope to see you all back on our page PM,img us unti your blue.
So anyway with the introduction of Ash to the group we will not be releasing SATTR:BCL, until we have finished our first effort together.
Thanks for reading

New PC

2008-05-15 17:10:04 by Gflashrunners

After several crappy PC's since my last post, I have finally got a working PC that is running at a great speed. So I have settled on one project that I think will make my life slightly easier.
It's called :
Sonic And The Three Rings - The Ballard Of Chasey Lane
As the name would suggest sonic and three of his freinsd have created a band and have began doing covers of well know songs. There first will be the balled of chasey Lane by the blood-hound gang, but there should be some more. The picture I'm going to upload for it is a little....interesting.
I am making this animation so that my reputation can re-cover from 3 - blamed submissions and an animated short of an inanimate man being shot in the head with a shot-gun.
Oh well, I hope you like my sonic and freinds parody.

New PC